Its the last few days of voting in the UK Rolling Awards in which I have been nomination in the photographer of the year catagory. With such a nomination you can’t help but find yourself looking back upon the year just gone and look for highlights within it. There are a few images Ive shot over the year that I really like but this shot of Stephen Swain is by my favourite of the year. This image not only stands out to me due to the insanity of the trick and also because of also how perfectly everything came together. But mainly because it marked a major and positive turning point in Stephen’s life and also for me cemented the growing friendship that shooting his profile had transformed into. Please If you haven’t already yet, go cast your votes for all the categories in this years UKRA and be apart of celebrating we all have achieved over the last year.

A Year in Review 

So here we are again..surprisingly! Another year gone and so very quickly; but with being nominated again in the UK Rolling Awards it gives me reason to pause for thought. What has actually happened in the year since SlammJamm15 and what have I actually been up to? Well It’s definitely been a quieter year in some respects but then I do feel its also been a year that has been characterised by the saying quality over quantity. 

With my move down to the South West nearly two years ago Ive been working a lot within the scene to expose it and help it thrive. Its been awesome getting involved with SlapTap skate shop and helping Chris with images and ideas for promotional material. This lead to a image of mine being used in a SlapTap advert in the last Haitian Mag and with another to come in the upcoming issue.

Matt Smith featured in that Haitian advert but this wasn’t the only exposure he’s had this past year. We had been working incredibly hard on a Wheel Scene profile for the best part of a year and in February issue ten of the magazine dropped. It was a really proud moment for us both as we had both worked meticulously hard upon the project. Two perfectionists working together doesn’t make for a quick turn around but it was worth the wait.

An article Dave asked me to shoot a photo for a online Wheel Scene article produced one of my favourite images of the year. It took me up to Manchester and to one of my favourite mancunians, Alex Burston. This wasn’t the only time this happened as recently JoJo from Be-Mag requested images for a top five online article and we responded with a few cool images, the best being the most ridiculous true top soul image I’ve ever shot.

My relationship with Justin at ONE mag has gone from strength to strength. Still the photo journals flowed throughout the year and Justin even gave me the chance to be apart of the discussion about “the scooter situation” something thats close to my heart. That is only the start though, the online digital issues have been going amazingly well and thanks to Justin have also been a great platform for my work.

Final Chapter was a video project I was invited to be apart of by a good friend of mine Paul Bates. Finishing it and having something tangible after so much hard work was the biggest achievement but having ONE magazine feature it with a five page piece was the cherry on the cake. Issue four brought even more joy in the shape of a Stephen Swain interview/profile that also gifted me another front cover shot.

The last thing that really stands out for me from this year was getting the opportunity to be the official photographer at NASS. Huge thanks to Joe Coyne for believing and trusting in me and my work enough to capture the weekends skating and shenanigans. It was a totally different environment to what I am accustomed to shooting within but I loved every moment of it and cant wait for next year.

So not a bad year when I look back at what had actually been produced and published and thats not even considering the projects I’m currently working on that are all but finished. Getting to shooting with another of Manchester finest, Elliot Stevens; for ONE mags upcoming print issue has been another of those humbling experiences that make we realised how lucky I am to get the opportunity to do this.

Still I have maintained my drive to capture those who are fully deserving but are maybe slightly over looked within the scene. Hopefully Matt Woods profile for Wheel Scene should be a real eye opener to those who don’t know him or his skating. The biggest of these unfinished projects is the South West Scene report. I just hope it makes the scene that has welcomed me with open arms, proud of how I will present it.

Once again I want to thank everyone who I’ve ever had the pleasure to take photos of and anyone who has believed in me and my work. Thanks for the nomination in the UK Rolling Awards and anyone that subsequently decided to vote for me. Please what ever you do just make sure you go and vote now to be apart of celebrating those that you feel have achieved the most this year within our scene. 

2014 UK Rolling Awards 

Can’t believe it has been a year already but SlammJamm is now only a short month away which mean the voting for the UK Rolling Awards has just begun. The full list of nominations went up late last night with the voting going live this morning. I have been nominated for Photographer of the year even though Im still in total shock from last years nomination and win in this category. To be nominated again in the category amongst so many other great photographers is a huge honour.

The nomination is amazing but I’m more stoked on the fact that photographers are getting noticed in this annual celebration of the UK scene and what we have achieved within the past year. Still a huge thank you to anyone that nominated me, anyone that votes for me and a even bigger thanks to Dave Bell for once again putting this award ceremony on.

Voting has already begun so please spare a few minutes to go and vote in all the categories that are there to award those who have excelled within our scene this year.

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Be-Mag Top 5 Feature : Alex Burston

For some reason or another I don’t get the opportunity to do much with Be-Mag. This is the first thing Ive done for them since they have had the website totally overhauled so is super cool to see my work up on their slick new layout. Once again me and Alex teamed up to shoot some photos for a top five article. Im still unsure as to what I preferred, shooting the two sick ass tricks for this or reading some of his hilarious responses to the questions.

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Scoot Fest 2014 

It’s that time of the year again which marks the defining event in the freestyle scooting events calendar, Scoot Fest! Unlike past years though the event was split into two events. The UK champs were held at Rampworx and then a week later the World championships took place down in Rush.

In-between those two events there was also a international best trick tour which hit up Transgression in Edinburgh, R-Kade in redcar and final Adrenaline Alley in Corby as well as dropping in at Koas’s new concrete park and popping in to ATB in Swindon. I was lucky enough to get the role as the official photographer for all of these events. 

Here are a few of my favourite images I snapped over what was a very fun but ultimately tiring week. Huge thanks to everyone who made the two events and tour a total success and the Phoniex guys for being awesome road trip buddies.

NASS 2014 

So it’s that time of year again and everyone is either trading stories of their last festival experience or prepping for their next one. One festival I have always over looked is NASS, I’ve been once with work but never really done it as a rollerblader. When it turned out that I was free over that weekend I knew I had to try get involved. First port of call was Joe Coyne to see if I could wing a media pass and would you believe it he had one left and was in need of a tog for the weekend.  

I’ve never been a big “Scene” person but over the last few years Ive begun to see and understand what I have missed out on over the years. NASS like the other big events in the rollerblading calendar isn’t just a competition, its a pilgrimage, a chance for old friend to catch up and new friends to be found. 

The weekend was a blur of crazy action, mad nights of utter silliness and day times spent in the sun with good people. I’ve managed to miss out on so much of this over my years as a rollerblader but this is now one date in the calendar that shall remain to be reserved.

ONE Digital V.2 Features

While I was away in Europe ONE Digital V.4 dropped. I was already highly anticipating  this issue due too the Steve Swain profile I had shot for it. Nothing could have prepared me for getting the front cover shot though. 

Inside the web-azine lies the Interview and all the images we shot for it. Me and Steve worked really hard at this over nearly six months of planning, shooting and more planning. Its been a pleasure to work with him but even more of an honour to get to know the the real Steve Swain. What started as a project to give on the UK’s best rollerblader more exposure has morphed and blossomed into a tight friendship.

Thank you once again to Justin for believing in my work and in me and a special thank you to Jenna Downing for asking Steve all the right questions in the interview.

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Scoot Mag #18 Features

Issue 18 of Scoot-Mag came out a few weeks ago ad once again I’m really lucky to have a fair amount of my photographic work featured. First up is the preview of the upcoming scoot-Fest and a park review of the park that will host it. 

Next up is the the picture feature on Dogg Scooters rider Luke Painter. We shot these photos over a few different sessions during March/April . It was the a awesome process getting to capture on of the sports my gifted riders while getting to know Luke  a lot better than I did. Andy at scoot-mag added a cool spin to the images by getting Jamie Mattocks to doing illustrated versions of some of the images.

The Thousand words section in the magazine featured three of my favourite image’s that I’ve shot over the last few months. There is one of Jacques Honour at Terminal , one of James Moult slaying the plaza at Skegness and the last of new Grit street rider Sam Lovell.

That wasn’t it for this issues as Stan Ash provided  a sick back scooter flip deck grab whip for the how to section. There was some images used for the new Grit, Lucky and Dogg DPS adverts as well as I having images featured on both content pages.

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Haitian Magazine Advert Feature
The latest offering from the Haitian guys comes in the form of a tour issue with all off its pages dedicated to documenting what went down on the Shredweiser American tour. This issue featured a SlapTap advert that I was lucky enough to have one of my shots used for it. Smithy might not be too keen on the image but I love it and the advert. 
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  • Camera: Nikon D800
  • Aperture: f/2.8
  • Exposure: 1/400th
  • Focal Length: 90mm

Haitian Magazine Advert Feature

The latest offering from the Haitian guys comes in the form of a tour issue with all off its pages dedicated to documenting what went down on the Shredweiser American tour. This issue featured a SlapTap advert that I was lucky enough to have one of my shots used for it. Smithy might not be too keen on the image but I love it and the advert. 

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